Guided Snowshoe Tours

Full Day Guided Snowshoe Tour

Are you ready to discover Revelstoke and its amazing landscapes on a snowshoe tour? After a traditional snowshoe intro where you will learn the basics (if needed), you will hit the trails around Revelstoke.

Walk in the middle of the forest and discover the pleasure of this winter activity as you walk slowly through a winter wonderland. If it is sunny, you might discover some of the most beautiful views around the town!

We have a few itineraries around town, we will choose the best one according to the weather to guarantee you the best experience.

Regular Price:
$125/Adult + 5% GST
$75/Child (18 & Under) + 5% GST

Private Tours: 
$375/group up to 4 people
$750/group for 4-8 people

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Snowshoe & Fondue!

Tour Includes:

Guided snowshoe tour through forested trails.

If you request a private tour for your family or group please specify, otherwise we will be able to provide an incredible outdoor group experience, with special COVID-19 protocols in place to keep you comfortable, distanced and social in the great outdoors.

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Snowshoe & Brew

Tour Includes:

½ hr – 1 hr snowshoe, brewery visit, snowshoe home

Snowshoe & Sauna

Tour Includes:

Snowshoe forest tour and private sauna

Snowshoe & Spa

Tour Includes:

Smoothie, yoga, half a day of snowshoeing and half a day of spa

Are you ready to go Snowshoeing?

Snowshoe Rentals

Traditional: $50/pair per day
Modern: $25/pair per day

We have kids and adult snowshoes. 

Barrel Sauna Rentals

Barrel Sauna Rental Prices

$375 /day – dropped off in the afternoon and picked up in the a.m.

$500 / 2-day rental
$750 / weekend – Friday– Sunday a.m.
$875 / Long Weekend – Friday p.m. – Monday a.m.
$1250 / Week

Free delivery within 25 km radius from our basecamp (We are located near the Revelstoke Campground, Hillcrest and Brewery area in Revelstoke, BC)

We charge $0.60 / km outside of a 25 km radius location. Call to discuss long distance haul rentals.

Self-Guided Adventures

This guide was provided by the Revelstoke Visitor Centre