Ages 3.5-5

Join Flexpeditions Outdoor Adventure Discovery Play Group for Ages 3.5 to 5 years old. The exact location will be given upon registration.
From $75
The Outdoor Play program usually start at 08:30 a.m., with arrivals until 9:30 a.m. After our traditional morning song and welcome circle, we all go outdoor for various activities and games.
Snowshoe walk, quinzhee building, nature interpretation, games, fire building, snow science lesson, snow art, campfire cookout.
From $375
Spend each morning this week discovering the mysteries and magic of the spending time in the great outdoors and learning what it & our professional educators have to teach us!
From $65/day or $275 for 5 days
Get involved in the world’s longest running citizen science project counting birds and learning a bit more about our feathered friends, play games, make crafts, take home a feeder for your backyard and participate in the Annual Christmas Bird Count!
From $65/day
Spend time in nature with other kiddos, connecting, playing, communicating, learning, developing teamwork skills, empathy & confidence outdoors!
From $65/session
Stretch and Get Outside! Outdoor Winter Adventure Week! Snowshoe, build Shelters, campfire Cooking, play in the snow, explore winter, and more! We will be outdoors the whole time, so dress warm!
From $75/day
This program is about playing outside in the snow and having fun! Program can change slightly from one time to another depending on the weather, educator skills and the kids.
From $50-75