Ages 6-8

All your kids needs to know about bushcraft and orienteering in the wilderness, taught in a very fun way by our guides. When not exploring the wilderness, it's time to go up on the crags! Day camp only.
Let’s celebrate the end of the summer with a camp full of games and outdoor activities. Rock climbing, canoeing, paddle boarding… Each activity is an excuse to celebrate the end of the summer and play a lot of different games. Day camp only.
We are all connected. Let nature teach us this week to reconnect to our roots, discover lessons from local historians and legends and observations.
Do you have a kid that is keen for adventure, but also like spend time inside to do some art ? If so, this is the perfect program.
Rock climbing, rappelling, responsibility, communication, friendship, the natural world and your place in it - there is much to learn here at the camp!
From $325
Paddleboard, canoe, introduction to float rafting, white water kayak, splash contests… You name it, you got it! A camp doing all different activities, on, above and under the water!
From Revelstoke Mountain Resort to the Columbia River, each day is dedicated to a new adventure: float raft, rock climb, canoe, bushcraft, SUP… Day camp only, every day from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
Spend each morning this week discovering the mysteries and magic of the spending time in the great outdoors and learning what it & our professional educators have to teach us!
From $65/day or $275 for 5 days
Get involved in the world’s longest running citizen science project counting birds and learning a bit more about our feathered friends, play games, make crafts, take home a feeder for your backyard and participate in the Annual Christmas Bird Count!
From $65/day