Ages 8-10

Spend your days at camp floating to your outdoor destination to create a masterpiece painting a beautiful vista, sculpting on the land or gathering inspiration for your design.
Do you have a kid that is keen for adventure, but also like spend time inside to do some art ? If so, this is the perfect program.
Rock climbing, rappelling, responsibility, communication, friendship, the natural world and your place in it - there is much to learn here at the camp!
From $325
Paddleboard, canoe, introduction to float rafting, white water kayak, splash contests… You name it, you got it! A camp doing all different activities, on, above and under the water!
All your kids needs to know about bushcraft and orienteering in the wilderness, taught in a very fun way by our guides.
From Revelstoke Mountain Resort to the Columbia River, each day is dedicated to a new adventure: float raft, rock climb, canoe, bushcraft, SUP… Day camp only, every day from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
Spend time in nature, with a local artist creating an inspiring piece of art to take home each day.
From $375
Each day focus in on a different wilderness skill or learn to use an outdoor tool to put in your Bushcraft backpack!
From $375