Summer Programs

Canoe Expeditions, Climbing & Bouldering Weekend, Watersport, and a Backcountry Lodge Explore Trip!
From $345
Overnight Canoe Expeditions, Rock Climbing, Outdoor Photography, Hiking & Multisport, & Watersports Programs for Ages 11-13.
From $525
Rock climbing & Bouldering, Multisport, Bushcraft & Wilderness Skills, Water Sports, Yoga & Art Programs for ages 6-8.
From $395
Rock Climbing & Bouldering, Canoeing, Multisport, Photo & Outdoor Adventure, Watersports, Yoga & Art Programs for Ages 8-10.
From $395
Rock climbing & Bouldering, Water sports, Yoga & Art, Fairies & Forest Adventure, Multisport, Buschraft & Wilderness Skills, and Outdoor Extravaganza for ages 4-6.
From $395
Half day summer programs for the youngest with lots of play, wilderness exploration and learning!
From $250