Summer Programs

Either you are learning how to rock climb and boulder, or you're interested in reaching new heights, this program is for you!
From $595
Learn all the rock climbing basics, or immerse yourself in a week filled with art & adventure!
From $695
Multisport Adventure Weeks with Rock Climbing & Bouldering, Canoeing & SUP, Hiking, Yoga & Art and more for Ages 11-13.
From $695
Rock climbing & Bouldering, Multisport, Bushcraft & Wilderness Skills, Water Sports, Yoga & Art Programs for ages 6-8.
From $495
Rock Climbing & Bouldering, Canoeing, Multisport, Photo & Outdoor Adventure, Watersports, Yoga & Art Programs for Ages 8-10.
From $495
A mix between outdoor exploration, bushcraft & wilderness skills, outdoor art, rock climbing, watersport excursions and a whole lot of FUN!
From $395
Half day summer programs for the youngest with lots of play, wilderness exploration and learning!
From $250

Taking a Break

Thank you for your kindness, love & support over the years, but Flexpeditions will be closing for a break… to actually get back to more family time and nature.

We have absolutely loved all of the people who came on adventures with us over the last decade and all of the support from the Flexpeditions fans. And to those who doubted us – we made big things happen – we spent time connecting people in the outdoors to themselves, each other and their surroundings through adventure & outdoor education.

We offered programs and gave awesome adventure jobs to Revy folk for 10 years- a decade! We taught lots of kids how to climb, put people out in the water, and equipped the new generation with great foundational survival skills… in the forest or in life!

Amy Flexman