Forest School Practitioner's Course

Flexpeditions would like to extend a special thank you to the Child Nature Alliance of Canada and Forest and Nature School Canada for putting on such an incredible course in the Fall of 2018. 

We were thrilled to host and sponsor the course here in Revelstoke with 25 amazing instructors from all across Canada and the USA sharing their passion for learning with students in the outdoors. 

The course gave our instructors the theoretical and practical tools they needed to safely and effectively establish and run Forest and Nature School programs.

The themes covered included the theoretical underpinnings of FNS, practical skills, and establishment and delivery. There is a strong emphasis in this course on self-directed, experiential, and inquiry-driven outdoor learning.

We will be opening an outdoor discovery pre-school program and after school programs this year and will add registration to our website soon! Program possibilities start in November!

About Forest School Canada

Forest School Canada is the flagship educational project of the Child and Nature Alliance. They provide evidence-based, practical, and inspiring professional learning opportunities for everyone interested in supporting the healthy development of children through play and learning outside. 

Taking a Break

Thank you for your kindness, love & support over the years, but Flexpeditions will be closing for a break… to actually get back to more family time and nature.

We have absolutely loved all of the people who came on adventures with us over the last decade and all of the support from the Flexpeditions fans. And to those who doubted us – we made big things happen – we spent time connecting people in the outdoors to themselves, each other and their surroundings through adventure & outdoor education.

We offered programs and gave awesome adventure jobs to Revy folk for 10 years- a decade! We taught lots of kids how to climb, put people out in the water, and equipped the new generation with great foundational survival skills… in the forest or in life!

Amy Flexman