wooden traditional snowshoes

Snowshoe Rentals

Are you planning your own snowshoeing adventure in Revelstoke but need to rent some snowshoes? 

Price: $30/pair per day

2 day rental: $50/pair 
Family Deal: $75 for 2 adult snowshoes & up to 4 child snowshoes per day.

All snowshoe rentals includes delivery!

We have both kids, teen, adult modern & traditional snowshoes. We will deliver the snowshoes to you, or you can collect from us. 

All displayed prices do not include 5% GST.

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Canoe, Kayak, & SUP Rentals

Are you planning your own water adventure in Revelstoke but need to rent a canoe? 

We can provide as many canoes, paddles, and life jackets as you need, and also recommend where is best to go!

Each of our canoes will fit between 2-4 people, which means two seated and two people sitting on the bottom. 

If you wish to rent a canoe/kayak/SUP within 24 hours please contact us and we’ll try our best to get you on the water. 

Wish to rent canoes for longer than 2 days and/or for a larger group? Contact us for booking & prices. 

Locals Discount: $55/day (contact us for discount code). 

You can add on a canoe rack or a shuttle in the next step in the booking process. 

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Equipment Rentals & Trip Outfitting

Planning your own adventure? Need some equipment? We can help! Please enquire for prices and availability.

Taking a Break

Thank you for your kindness, love & support over the years, but Flexpeditions will be closing for a break… to actually get back to more family time and nature.

We have absolutely loved all of the people who came on adventures with us over the last decade and all of the support from the Flexpeditions fans. And to those who doubted us – we made big things happen – we spent time connecting people in the outdoors to themselves, each other and their surroundings through adventure & outdoor education.

We offered programs and gave awesome adventure jobs to Revy folk for 10 years- a decade! We taught lots of kids how to climb, put people out in the water, and equipped the new generation with great foundational survival skills… in the forest or in life!

Amy Flexman