Meet The Team

All our instructors are local and certified. Our rock climbing instructors are professionally certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG).

Rhin Leaf

Outdoor Educator
Rhin is originally from New Zealand, but she moved to Revelstoke over a year ago and has no plans on leaving anytime soon! While in New Zealand she completed her bachelors of science, and as a science lover she loves to inspire and empower young kids to learn about the outdoors, and discovering the world and nature around us. Her primary love is snowboarding, but she also loves to hike, surf and just be outdoors! She has previously worked with kids in the form of babysitting, au pairing and now as an outdoor educator! She also happen to know a lot of the kids around town, as she works with RASS helping to facilitate the after school program for all four elementary schools in town.

Jenna Aldus

Outdoor Educator
Jenna has just completed her BA in Linguistics & Teaching English as a Second Language at the University of British Columbia. She has spent the last couple of years as a pediatric therapy support worker, English teacher, and education assistant. Jenna is very excited to transition her experience to an outdoor education setting. Jenna is from White Rock, BC and have a huge passion and love for everything outdoors! From skiing, hiking, to climbing, she LOVES to spend her time in nature which has ultimately brought her to the wonderful town of Revelstoke.

Grace Bodie

Outdoor Educator
Grace is from Vancouver and has recently moved to Revelstoke after completing her B.A. in Religion, Culture, and Society. Grace has spent the past years working at a Summer Camp on Vancouver Island, as well as with Youth in the community. Growing up in beautiful B.C. she has always had a passion for the outdoors and especially enjoys snowboarding, boating, and hiking. She also loves to be creative whether that be building a fort or painting a picture. Grace feels that spending time in nature is the best medicine, and an awesome place to build community. She is excited to share that with kids at Flexpiditions!

Samuel Laberge Comeau

Raft guide/ SUP instructor/ Driver 
Sam is an experienced rafting guide who has worked on rivers across the world, from Australia to Nepal. A couple of years ago the Quebecker fell in love with our little mountain town, and made the move from Montreal. Sam's water craft of choice is surprisingly the paddleboard. During the summer he can be found taking his SUP down whitewater rapids! This man loves to explore, and will not turn down a multi-day expedition any time of the year. When not on the water, Sam can be found hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or out camping far from civilization.

Sawyer Ellingboe

Outdoor Educator
Sawyer is a certified Forest & Nature School Practitioner. She is currently working on her Early Childhood Education Certificate, and has many years of experience working in experiential education and leadership in wilderness settings. Sawyer has been a mountain gal her whole life, growing up in Invermere, and living in many Kootenay communities, until finally falling in love with Revelstoke. She spends her days backpacking, kayaking, and travelling to other mountainous places around the world, with the hopes of connecting more people to nature! 

Jamie Martin

Canoe Guide
Jamie is a British adventurer, who after exploring Lake Louise & the Sea to Sky, stumbled upon our little mountain town and decided to make Revelstoke his next home. He has guided anything from canoeing & kayaking, to hiking, biking and even zip lining! This jack of all trades is also a ski & snowboard instructor, who's main passion is sharing amazing outdoor experiences with new people, and getting them to try something a little out their comfort zone. Jamie loves mountain environments and has made it his mission to find as many ways to enjoy them as possible.

Tobias Schulz

Outdoor Educator/ Top Rope Climbing Instructor
Tobias is our bushcraft expert with a Masters Degree in Wildlife Ecology. It was after a 45 day canoe trip in the Yukon and the NWT, that this German suddenly found himself Revelstuck. Tobias grew up whitewater kayaking, but today he is all about adventures on rock and snow in the mountains. His greatest passion is to empower (mainly little) people to conserve nature by creating a valuable connection between the two. 

Kyle Lamothe

Top Rope Climbing Instructor/ Ski Guide
After a brief foray into a career that required wearing a tie, Kyle quickly started pursuing ski guiding. These days you can find him breaking trail and making turns all over the interior. Kyle is originally from Northern Ontario where he grew up skiing as much as he possibly could. He graduated from college 13 years ago, and came straight out west for a ski season before settling down in Ontario. He will go back after the next season for sure... When Kyle is not ripping down mountains on two planks, he can be found rock climbing and mountain biking. 

Kirby Miller

Outdoor Educator
Kirby is one of our lovely teachers (with a BA in Education & with a childcare assistant certification), with over 5 years experience teaching in elementary, preschool, and daycare.  Kirby's career has been very child oriented having also worked as a nanny and as a camp instructor.  This Calgary girl grew up spending her summers in Shuswap, and followed her passions for skiing, biking, climbing, paddling and outdoor/ mountain living to Revelstoke. 

Sofie Hagland

Marketing lead/ Top Rope Climbing Instructor/ Outdoor Educator
Sofie is an adventure guide and multimedia professional from the rugged West Coast of Norway. This girl lives and breathes mountains, and is an avid backcountry snowboarder, rock climber, mountain biker & surfer. She has a background from outdoor education, as well as a bachelor in communications. Sofie has worked all over the world from New Zealand & Australia, to Nepal & Vietnam. She fell in love with the powder and spirit of Revelstoke, and has been calling this valley home for the last three years.

Amy Flexman

Founder/ Owner/ Director/ Outdoor educator/ Guide
Amy puts the Flex in Flexpeditions! Amy is the owner, operator and lead guide and host of Flexpeditions. Amy has always had a love for the outdoors, teaching and sharing her passion and energy for life with those around her. She started her official guiding career on the Ottawa River over 20 years ago on the Whitewater Intensive Leadership Development (WILD) program. Before WILD she spent numerous summers as a camp leader, resort recreation director, tree planter, earned her BPHE and BSc (Life Sciences) at Queen’s University, travelled to Australia, Malaysia and Thailand and settled on sticking in Canada to live for life! After settling down, Amy ran the Outdoor Education department at an independent school, taught K - 12, and is currently mastering the art of motherhood with awesome twin boys! 

Laura White

Laura is the webmaster / tech monkey / website wizard of the Flexpeditions website. She is from Canterbury, England, and came to Revelstoke to teach rock climbing, but instead ended up starting up a website designing company called Revy Web Design and now builds websites. Her organizational skills and team cohesion has helped Laura rise to the top in her field in Revelstoke. We are stoked to have Laura popping in to keep us current, and also in this community helping so many businesses and community members. Laura loves spending her weekends in the garden, reading books, and cuddling her cat.

Lindsay Raftis

Outdoor Educator
Lindsay is originally from Ontario where she spent a large part of her childhood living the camp life. Between spending years as a “staff kid” and working as a camp counsellor, she gained knowledge on how to successfully create and run programs for youth. Lindsay continued her love for life in the outdoors by obtaining a diploma in Recreation and Leisure, and later a degree as an Education Assistant.

Angela Pynn

Outdoor Educator
Angela is originally form Newfoundland, and has been exploring the vast landscapes of BC for the past 5 years. She has now settled in Revelstoke as a fully certified teacher with the local school district. Angela enjoys everything that the outdoors has to offer; from snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter to hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking/canoeing/SUPing in the summer. As a child she also enjoyed camping and everything foresty; now living in Revelstoke she is looking forward to explore those passions again. Angela is excited to part of the Flexpeditions' team, and to have an outlet to pass on her love for nature and outdoor activities!

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Taking a Break

Thank you for your kindness, love & support over the years, but Flexpeditions will be closing for a break… to actually get back to more family time and nature.

We have absolutely loved all of the people who came on adventures with us over the last decade and all of the support from the Flexpeditions fans. And to those who doubted us – we made big things happen – we spent time connecting people in the outdoors to themselves, each other and their surroundings through adventure & outdoor education.

We offered programs and gave awesome adventure jobs to Revy folk for 10 years- a decade! We taught lots of kids how to climb, put people out in the water, and equipped the new generation with great foundational survival skills… in the forest or in life!

Amy Flexman